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    • Relatively easy to post and message 2
    • Access to local ppl 1
    • Good photo quality 1
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    • Its a total scam 4
    • Fuckbook 4
    • Using photos without permission 3

here's their scam: if you sign up as female, you get free everything. sign up as male, and you have to pay just to read messages. if you sign up as male, you are instantly swarmed by scammers and spammers from the site, the likelihood of finding anyone real is slim at best. i signed up as a female, had a good friends list build up, even met a couple real women and was having a good conversation, and at some point the site's algorithms caught me,... Read more

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They admit themselves they're shady and you have to agree to allow it to join. lol.... here's the fine print straight from their site.... they have fake profiles and you agree to allow it and to also allow these fake profiles to most likely get you to purchase more of whatever they happen to be pushing. no idea, didn't join. lol ladfupa ajfpa pauf apfja oa paut eopaotupa a ut uaweoatu ao ua ouy tt uutv bv v t7... Read more

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  • Fuckbook
  • Mar 27
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You go to the site and you get tons of requests and messages,but in order to read them you have to pay for premium account.. I'm an idot Add comment

Paid for month membership.wont let me log in. Want money back or suing Add comment

My account got disabled with my photos still in it . and my profile is still visible . please delete my photos or atleast delte my account . I will have no other option but suicide if you dont ! please at least let me log into my account ! do something please I really need help with this. i tried contacting you through email but still no answer please if there is some way you can help me out please fuckbook please help or reply . thank you Read more

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These guys are a joke. So are there business responses. They offer Free premium lifetime memnerships them revoke them without explanation and hound u for money. Most profiles are fake and the legit ones get booted. Customer service a waste of time Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Fuckbook
  • Jan 18
  • #772722

Its a total scam. I never payed, but the "girls" are robots with automated responses who just want your credit card info, etc. Add comment

I am so frustrated with this site. They have disabled my account and I can't access any of my information. I feel like my pictures and other information are for the taking. I can still see that all my information and profile are still publicly visible. All efforts to contact fuckbook support have failed they never respond back to me. This is a sham and I can't believe I fell for this. Anyone out there that has had a similar experience? This is... Read more

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its not what the web site says the service is. all they are trying to do is get money and have you post sensitive sexual information about yourself and mining pictures. and it is a very unresponsive site. i couldn't even get most of the "services" to work. i'm currently trying to get my money back but probably wont. this is very likely a scam. i gave it some time and tried it legitimately but i couldn't believe that it was real. it's... Read more

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