Fuckbook.com internet dating site is that site a scam?

Fuckbook.com internet dating site is that site a scam?Mate1 Notice is that also a scam?

Just asking if it's a scam as well.

I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think RudeFinders.com is a scam as well.

I've my e-mail on every site that I've a profile on and no women ever contact me except the cam ***!Rude FInders use the same bathroom for a different girl.They can't even lie,cheat and steal properly,where they would normally cover there tracks!

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Jan 27 Waterbury, Connecticut

I don't know about fuckbook.com, but Match1.com is loaded with women who post New York a dresses but most are in Ghana and Nigeria not NY.
They run a scam and will Always end up with a hard life story and begin asking you to send money. Don't do it.

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Jan 23

it is a big scam my man

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Jan 19 Kampala, Kampala

hi,wanna register bt hv no credit card.advise me

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Dec 16, 2014 Sparta, Tennessee

If it's free why should you need my credit card duh

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Dec 11, 2014

The Biggest Dating *** Site Ever...
They have pictures of beautiful, young woman that email you and trawl through free listing sites looking for males and saying "Hey you look great, sign up to Fuckbook it's free to join and we can chat there" (They Are All Real Woman Of Course) BELIEVE THAT AND YOUR WALLET WILL SOON BE EMPTY...
Let's just say why would a stunning 21 year old with a perfect body want to meet up with a 40-50 year old man.. REALITY CHECK GUYS.. COME ON, SURELY YOUR NOT THAT GULLIBLE..
Its free for woman but be careful as they'll get you to give your CC Credit Card or Debit Card details as a £1 or $1 sign up fee... Hang on! So if its free why would they want your card details? Oh I know, So They Can Scam You To F@@K
Many people have complained that as well as the £1-$1 sign up fee a full subscription has been debited from their card, plus other fees taken without their consent.

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Jul 13, 2014

They are all a scam I did very good research on both sites and got the same results for them and me both I guarantee you they are connected together and may be even the same company that's using two different names ,they tell you its free but the free version is nothing but an advertisement unless you upgrade to one of their package plans ,and even those are limited on what you can do and see, It even tells you when you are registering that some services may be limited on what you can see and do ,so just don't waste your time and especially absolutely do not enter in your CC NUMBER UNLES YOU WANT TO BE AT YOUR BANK DISPUTING A CHARGE ON YOUR ON CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD! TRUST ME ,AND YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

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Nov 29, 2014 Sioux City, Iowa

I was and still am curious about joining Fuckbook, since my wife's health is not well and she has no longer been interested in sex. I am trying to meet.........oppps sorry.

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Jan 24

Shame on you..that's adultery..

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Jun 30, 2014 Bolton, England

FUCKBOOK is a total RIPOFF! I had an account as a man (because I am one) everytime i text a woman - you must subscribe to text came up! so i set up an account as a woman and low and behold I could text to my hearts content (well until i got caught out by fuckbook), this action by fuckbook (charging men but not women is clearly breaking the law because its sexism, so until fuckbook drops its subscriptions, I am just going to carry on making more and more profiles with my e-mails on the photos so the real women who *** can contact me directly and fuckbook will have to think of other methods of funding....here's an idea ***-the-sexism-law-book put some adverts in your websites instead for both sexes and stop breaking the *** law so us men and the outgoing women can ***!!!

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Feb 12 Lviv, Lvivska Oblast

I had an acct with them as well, and when I was prompthed to pay or upgrade i quit. Then, just for *** and giggles, I set up a fake acct as a woman and presto everything was free. Eventually they after I was using the site more and more they figured they would send me a request to upgrade to the highest type of acct you can have. Now for men this costs like 50 bucks a month, but for me, a female(not really) the offer was for 10bucks for the year.

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Jun 03, 2014

Just hookup scam also

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May 03, 2014

Yes. It's definitely a scam. Went gold for a month. Absolutely No valid responses to any mail sent. No flirts ever posted to my profile. IM dysfunctional. Until it's time to extend your paid subscription. Then you get slammed with IM's you cant respond to, mail, etc. Pay for DEAD AIR. Yes. Scam

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fakebook revealed

Apr 08, 2014

oh yes,,it is one *** of a huge scam,,full of fakes and lies,,the name should be: fakebook.com they send you fakers message notifications from nonexistent members and then ask you to upgrade to read the messages...lol funny

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Dec 02, 2014

if thats the case reply a link to the "Legit" fuckbook then :P

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Mar 14, 2014

What would be a good site to go to, seems everyone goes on sites to meet.
Let me know, 'cause I'm trying to get into a relationship, or something less serious...
Email: devin.neal92@gmail.com

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Aug 16, 2014

Yahhh i wasted my CC (DebitCard) on here and it charged me $1 when it said free i was bombarded with texts emails and IM's b4 i upgraded i upgraded and got 1 reply but since then she hasn't replied back to me so yeah definetly a scam this is exactly what it is a fucken scam I SHOULD OF DONE MY RESEARCH FIRST BUT oh well i only lost $1 but still could of usd that $1 elsewhere

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Mar 01, 2014 Winnipeg, Manitoba

Use spamitback on their web site - if we all do it they will get the message - it can be downloaded for free. I've been hitting them a 100,000 times a day - it works because they have tried to block me I simply renew my ip and continue the attack

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not a sucker

Feb 02, 2014

*** book is nothing more than an online prostitution site and I'd like to hear anything different from anyone that has any experience on that website

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