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    • Relatively easy to post and message 2
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    • Its a total scam 4
    • Fuckbook 4
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  • From mobile
  • Oct 03
  • #930344

I'm trying to sign up for fuckbook site. Bigdaddy July85462 Password Blair04

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I enter my e-mail and password on the log-in screen, but nothing happens. Initially, there is a log-in button, but nowhere to enter your log-in info. After clicking the log-in button, the two fields (Username/e-mail and Password) appear, but then it doesn't do anything after entering that info. I e-mailed support, and they told me my account was fine and that it should be working. It is not. No help was provided. I tried it on a different... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 21
  • #851881

I'm not getting any messages back,,, why? My username is Lee20369

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I set up a single-function email account for this, as I had a problem a while ago and I suspected it was this site. Like clockwork, my single-purpose account was hacked again. I used the same password for both accounts. Very bad. Very, very bad. Oh, NEVER was there a real person on the other end of their messages or accounts. Just copy the photo and search for a match on Google or Bing... Most I found on Instagram or Facebook with very... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 17
  • #849427

Where all the girls st nowtect me st 8705571718

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  • From mobile
  • May 10
  • #845517

Trap-tier dating agency. This tries to make you a hobo in 1 day, with exchange of FALSE LOVE. This eats credit cards.

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  • From mobile
  • May 06
  • #843065

How about a *** phone # for you guys . You took my money 2hours ago and your site doesn't work .

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here's their scam: if you sign up as female, you get free everything. sign up as male, and you have to pay just to read messages. if you sign up as male, you are instantly swarmed by scammers and spammers from the site, the likelihood of finding anyone real is slim at best. i signed up as a female, had a good friends list build up, even met a couple real women and was having a good conversation, and at some point the site's algorithms caught me,... Read more

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They admit themselves they're shady and you have to agree to allow it to join. lol.... here's the fine print straight from their site.... they have fake profiles and you agree to allow it and to also allow these fake profiles to most likely get you to purchase more of whatever they happen to be pushing. no idea, didn't join. lol ladfupa ajfpa pauf apfja oa paut eopaotupa a ut uaweoatu ao ua ouy tt uutv bv v t7... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Mar 27
  • #818127

You go to the site and you get tons of requests and messages,but in order to read them you have to pay for premium account.. I'm an idot

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