Fuckbook.com internet dating site is that site a scam?Mate1 Notice is that also a scam?

Just asking if it's a scam as well.

I have always just went for the free basic service and always waited to see if any women respond.I think RudeFinders.com is a scam as well.

I've my e-mail on every site that I've a profile on and no women ever contact me except the cam ***!Rude FInders use the same bathroom for a different girl.They can't even lie,cheat and steal properly,where they would normally cover there tracks!

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David Angus, Ontario, Canada #1325670

It's a medium for scammers.Dating apps or hookup aps benefit from the fact that scammers appear to be women.

There are more men than women on these apps because men need women more than women need men. So essentially yes it's a scam because they aren't unaware of how many of their users are frauds. The said truth of the dating apps existence is that the vast majority of people on the sites are regular human beings slightly unnerved by the experience. However the vast majority of profiles are frauds.

So 1 *** can make 1000 profiles and *** over 1000 people. If people are inherently unknowable the internet doesn't do much to alleviate that burden. If you could fix the fact that most people are by far more afraid of being viewed negatively because of their partners personality than they are afraid of the inference one might make based off of their loneliness. as it often is our society is burdened by it's self inflicted fear of it's own judgement.

Love you all.Best of luck.

Anonymous #1106495

The site is out of the Philippines, scam/spam site..

Anonymous #1077866

Ayi did this to me back in the day. So i caught on and fb is a buncha bs yes.

Anonymous #1070458

ruined my marriage.

Anonymous to Anonymous #1086448

How? You didn't go about telling people did you?

hayalllll Muscat, Muscat, Oman #1036069

çok değerli farklı

Anonymous #1035745


Anonymous #1013893

This is too funny of course we ain't on that *** ***

Anonymous #1008733

Fuckbook is the top 1 spammer and a total scam

Anonymous Jessup, Maryland, United States #992330

I would like to resubscribe !

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