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I did the trial membership and was surprised how many women supposedly were interested.After 3 days it was obvious that there would never be a connection here.Tip-offs---you send mail asking questions and telling about whatever but only get back single sentence replies.Also when telling someone your own personal e-mail address to contact you the reply will be Sorry,I just want to keep it on here for now-or you know how I feel about that.They only try to keep you on the site longer.Which you will be paying for.At least I was not foolish enough to give them a real credit card#.Read the fine print-If you don't cancel membership they automatically "renew" your account each month and I'll bet It's impossible to get someone on the phone to cancel!I transferred all but a few dollars out of my debit card account so when they tried to make new charges,the funds were not there! Just make sure your bank does not have overdraft protection or you'll really get hit.

Review about: Fuckbook Account.

Monetary Loss: $2.

Preferred solution: expose the truth.

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Wow, there are websites out there exploiting lowlife types with the promise of fictional lowlifes? No way get right out of town!

Kokomo, Indiana, United States #955806

Somtimes people want to get to know someone before they take it offline, you could be a hacker or whatever and most females arent going to get that personal right away..i know i wouldnt

Solsberry, Indiana, United States #930987

Nothing is Free on the Internet ,,,,


Fuckbook.com offers a lifetime free membership and can happily report many positive reviews from 'real' members who enjoy our community.

As with any online community there are people who arent who they say they are, and we encourage our members to report fake profiles to our online Moderators to be removed.

Mountain View, California, United States #917116

Yep its common knowledge ALL dating sites these days are a scam. When you get single sentence replies its not even a real person.

Its a bot. Even when you do find a real person theyll never meet with you. All the real women get paid by the dating sites to keep guys interested and spending money. If you see a post somewhere or someone online says hey i know this killer hookup site.

It actually works.


to ***edthe***off #927428

What a silly thing to say all real women are paid by these types of sites! Think about that seriously.

Im a female and have used these sites. They didn't pay me, perhaps I missed the secret memo.

to Kelly Kokomo, Indiana, United States #955814

Me too

to ***edthe***off #1251415

I don't know if 100% bots is fair, but the small non-bot female population are certainly not the most savoury characters. Just remind yourself "these people are all here for a reason" to keep everything in perspective.


Never trust a free trial program...its all a scam to get $$$ out-of you

Watervliet, New York, United States #903839

ty for the info, I was "guided" to this site from a woman I hads met online! and signed up free because she said it would lead me to her page with her phone number, when she wouldn't call mine that I sent her hmmmmm!


Go out into the real world instead of F**Kbook?

Of course they charge you after a trial, that's how these companies work

to Anonymous Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #897498

In response to the "real world" response you are correct in your statement that the companies make money that way-there would be no issue about payment if there was any truth in the claims made by them.I would be happy to pay real money if I was communicating with "real"people.Some of us don't have the the time or venue available to do the real world thing.Jobs,geographical location,and any number of other factors can severely limit time free to do a lot of real world mingling...Good point,but just not practical for all of us.

to Anonymous #1251419

Put down that plate of nachos, locate your stairmaster and quit making lame excuses.

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