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When you are a free member you get dozens of emails asking to meet. You have to pay to read...once you sign up you get emails and request to meet, however I have found that the emails just continue to go back and forth and you get excuses.

I believe it is designed to keep you renewing every month so the site can make money. I have yet to get a phone number or meet someone.

In girl told me when i informed her I was not renewing "well I wont expect much from you then".

If she wanted to meet..what difference does it make whether you renew or not!?

I believe it is bogus and I don't think the women are even real or in my area. These women appear to 25 years younger than me and in my city...young beautiful women don't have to advertise to get sex.

Review about: Fuckbook Website.

Monetary Loss: $39.

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it would seem true this site is using lonly people's vunrability to extort hard erned money out of them in the hope they will find personal company losing on average £70 to find out the there hope of romance was false peolpe should go to fair tradings they can approch any company for you and exert pressure to get you your money back ( you will be treated with respect ) people get conned every day there used to it and your name will be kept private yours,Martin

Fort Myers, Florida, United States #825997

well duh....what did you expect? loser...

Ottawa, Kansas, United States #825988

I just had one *** of a deal with fuckbook. I signed up for free.

get hammered with emails right off the bat. of course can't read any of them so I sing up with the card.

The emails were all from cam models that were on a photo shoot in my town .

told one of them that there were a few others like her trying to get me to come and *** with them. also the site administrator was emailing me the whole time to have me go to yet another *** site to get verified. kept telling me that I was using a fraudulent account .

well I went to the site he told me to go to and once again I had to fill out the credit card info. well that didn't work to verify that I was who I am .

so now I have now only two sites with my card info but when the cam site he had me go to accepted my card it also signed me up for yet another *** cam site that was going to start charging my card after a three day trial cost at nine bucks then it went to thirty bucks reacquiring charges . I was up till six this morning getting all the sites canceled . there were a total of five sites that had to be contacted to get this done.

and to top it all off , that bull *** site *** book kicked me off the site .

and no charges were on my card . going to the bank in the morning to put a stop payment on any an all of these sites that are scammer's. And ended up not getting laid after going to pick the gal up she also wanted a card # so nope not worth it .

sure wish I would have seen this page before taking the plunge.

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #800824

Try the old-fashioned way. Go to a bar or nightclub.

Sitting at your keyboard roughing up the suspect won't get the job done. You really believed that there were all these beautiful women just waiting for you?

to MikeBrady Richmond, Virginia, United States #800835

more people meet online now than in nightclubs dude! and many of my friends are getting sex using sites here

to Anonymous #801139

No they aren't.

to MikeBrady Sweetwater, Florida, United States #831253

Yes they are


We are sorry that you had a negative experience. Fuckbook does not tolerate the spamming of its members and are constantly working hard to keep third parties who violate our Terms of Use away from our site and members. We always encourage our members to notify us of spamming by utilizing our support page or by emailing us at

to ***bookSupport Tukwila, Washington, United States #805238

I have over 22 emails from trying to deal with these people; they are liars and thieves. "Fuckbook" is a scam; they tell you that they "guarantee you will get action within 100 days or they will give you 100 days free!" This is a lie.

As soon as your "guarantee" period starts, you still get emails, however YOU CAN NOT READ THEM!!

When you try to open your messages you are routed to a "Pay Now To Upgrade" page, which frequently will assume you agree and charge you for ONE YEAR using your STORED info (which they claim not to store) and you CANNOT read your messages - nor do they provide you the same "membership level" that you paid for, and once you are not paying them their customer service will not even answer your messages.

Richmond, Virginia, United States #800674

by the way...once i paid for membership..i NEVER heard from any of the women who had sent me emails as a basic members wanting to meet me! Oddly enough..they disappeared.

to lwood12 #836139

If it looks to good to be true, IT IS!

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