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The site is simply a platform for professional scammers to rip off men. The Moderation on the site is a nightmare. To become a moderator you have to "friends" with a leading moderator, who are all pimps and highly involed in the scam operations.

Real women last a very short time especially if they validate and start blogging,they are way to scary to the site. After all having real women there is bad for business.

If I was a guy I would never pay to get the Premium benefits of being swamped by the scammers, ID thiefs and having my friends list of real women wipped out weekly, leaving only the sites own "cupids" (autobots) and their affiliate camwhores left.

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Je ne veut pas de ce site.


We strongly rebuke all the above statements as being blatantly wrong.

We have a very happy community. Our Moderators are regular members who have been using our platform for a long period and have good reputation.

We encourage new members, including women and contrary to your review we find them very good for business.


please note: the other 'Fuckbook' reply is not a representative from our company. Nor was this reviewer an ex employee as suggested in the topic.

Salem, Oregon, United States #893190

For any man wanting to find love or just a quick fix.. Fuckbook is not the place.. We as men get scaled there..

And all the comments down below are very true and I am deleted my account cause of it

Chelmsford, England, United Kingdom #879997

Yes they are a bunch of crooks. There are no ordinary women on there.

It even says so in their terms and conditions that replies are sent from "online emissaries". They explain that as "being there to help things along".

It is a 100% scam site and nobody should ever sign up to this site. That applies to male and female people.

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