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When doing a Google Search of my email account I ran across this, showing a profile for me - I did not sign up for this account, but can't find anyone who can delete it and those I can contact are unwilling to help. Does ANYONE know of a central customer service for the company - they claim I have to go through the local f***book but since I didn't create the account I have no idea who the local people would be.

This is obviously some sort of scam and the company should be more responsive and responsible when it comes to information that could hurt someones personal and professional reputation.

Reason of review: I did not sign up for this and want it deleted..

Preferred solution: I want this account deleted so that it no longer shows up in search engines. .

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I wanna deactivate my account please deactivate my account don't send any massage my email I'd deepak20100120@gmail.com


Je ne veut pas de ce compte supprimer ce truc je vous en pris.


I have in account in fuckbook India but I was login problem in that. Asking for a troubling should be in romantic me


i deactivated your *** book account but i"m still surprised to see your massages into my gmail account.i don"t understand help please


i just want to delete my account so please help me in doing this.......please.....

Chicago, Illinois, United States #964471

The exact same thing happened to me.

Union City, Tennessee, United States #957803

im having trouple if they don't help me delete my accout im taking them to court

to michael #1377656

I don't want to discuss this matter. Please don't force uninterested google browser to watch the unexoexcted .Help me to delete the page because I want to use google for some other purposes.


Dear Sir,

Please contact us at support@fuckbook.com and we will see the matter is dealt with quickly for you.

We apologise you had trouble finding contact details for us.

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